Learn about the city of Oporto on hand-picked architectural routes

Tailored tours

Experience Oporto and Northern Portugal contemporary architecture. Tailored tours allow you to make the selection of architects, buildings and places you want to visit. According to our sensitivity and experience we will arrange and organize the most worthwhile and interesting visits so you can see more architecture in less time.

Promenade tours

Walking tours to Oporto Old Town and contemporary architecture. Get the most out of riverside and contemporary architecture by bicycle.

These tours are suitable for small groups with a minimum of 4 participants and they last for 2 to 3 hours.

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not included:

bicycle rental, entrance and
cross river tickets.

Thematic tours

Thematic tours are specific and developed according to your needs or interests. You may choose your tours by selecting buildings by specific Architects either by the Pritzker Prize-winning Architects, Siza Vieira, Souto de Moura and Rem Koolhaas or by choosing a specific program focused on themes like Housing, Museums, Contemporary Renovation, Educational buildings, Hotels, Restaurants & Wine Architecture.

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About Carla Cabral

Carla Cabral was born in 1974 in Lisbon and spent her childhood in Germany. She is an architect and lives in Oporto. She has been providing guided architecture tours since 2000 and founded “follow us” in 2014.

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